September 23, 2010

The Specialest

There's always so much I want to tell you
But I can't -
That would seem overbearing
Make a normal person say "whoa. ok-ok-ok-ok!"
So if I could, for once
Share absolutely everything with you
That I want to
It would be something like this:
Yesterday I felt life as a full-time musician
And it was incredible.
I spoke at NYU
And the students really cared what I said
They were receptive to me
And to my music
I held my own on the stage with some people
I really really really
Really really really
It was beautiful, hot, and windy out
Muggy for a change
And I sat in Washington Square park with Karly
And we rehearsed for the show that's tomorrow
Oh! I wish you could somehow come to my show
There's so many of my own songs I want you to hear
Oh! I also booked my CD Release Party
It's going to be November, on the 12th, a Friday
And I know that you normally work then
But I'd be completely blown away if you might think
To come visit for it
So, rehearsing in the park was great
With Karly
We played "Jolene", the song by Dolly Parton
Do you like her?
I think she's amazing.
And Karly sounds so good on it.
It took me awhile, but I figured out a good harmony for me to sing
And we'll play it tomorrow
I do wish, again, that you could hear this show.
My friend Nathan is going to play saxophone on 3-4 songs
He's just amazing - he and is wife -
They are in Barnaby Bright
Music that moves me, spiritually,
You must hear them!
And, my friend Lissa is playing songs with me, too
And our "signature" song together
Is "Going Back"
The song I wrote about my parents separating.
She is great!
So anyways, after the park I went to see my friend Blair play
At the Living Room
Hey - that's where my CD Release Party is!
November 12!
She asked me to sing some songs with her,
One I did was from her record, where I recorded background vocals
The other was Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes"
I thought I slayed it, my voice was all warmed up.
After that, I went up to Prohibition to play
And it was fun
I met a guy from Buffalo, Ryan Doyle,
Who is friends with some other musicians I know
Good, talented guy - he played cajon with me.
I got home late, and thought of how you were doing
School going well?
Work not too bad?
I can't wait to get upstate to play this weekend in Rochester
See some friends
See my Mom
Wish you could meet my Mom
She's a special woman
The Specialest
A new word I made up.
But the overwhelming theme of all this
Is that life as a living, working musician
Is amazing
And palpable
And exciting
And terrifying
I've learned that whatever I'm scared of
I need to do
Because that means it's important to me
And I'm scared of working full-time
On my craft
And on me.
So, there really is so much I want to share with you
-and this was just one day of stuff!
I wish you could see all the cool and interesting things
I get to see and do almost every day
But this sort of rambling is way too intense
For a normal someone to really digest
And think appropriate
So instead I say:

"Hey I know you're sleeping.  Just getting home from a gig and was thinking of you.  Hope all is well, talk to you tomorrow."

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