September 3, 2010

I.M.T.O.D. (Irrational Mind Thought of The Day)

Here's my Irrational Mind's thought of the day: 

"All the work you've put in to be healthier, with the food choices, the calorie counting, and the portion limiting; the thousands of calories you've removed and replaced in your diet...and what has it gotten you?  Probably about 4-5 pounds off.  That's all, John."

You see, I've been at this now for a little over two weeks (15 days to be exact), and noticed that clothing is looser than it was before, and that my belt is tighter, and that I'm sleeping better, that my digestion system is much smoother, and I'm trying more diverse foods.  And I've lost weight!  BUT, my little boy inside me wants to discount all that, and show me the futility of all this "work" as only amounting to a 4-5 pound weight loss.  I'm hearing how this kind of change is too all-encompassing, too drastic, and that at various points in my life recently, I've even openly remarked that I was "fine" with being a "big guy."  "So just be 'fine' with it, John!  This is absurd.  You really don't like baby carrots.  They sometimes taste like dirt."

So, I am reminded of my beginning declaration that stated:
"I can only control what I do today, not yesterday, and not tomorrow, and not 6 months from now. And today, I will make the decisions necessary to choose health and life. I will have a good day today."
And so, Little Boy inside me - that disregards logic, hard work, effort, and wants to fulfill the primal urge - sit down, shut up, and finish your lima beans, because this train cannot stop, and must not stop. 

So I turn inward.  And I will have a good rest of the day today.  And play two good shows tonight.  I'll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.  And whatever progress I've made is worthwhile, and only helps reinforce the present, and future.  It is not to be compared with the distant past.

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  1. R.M.T.O.D. (Rational Mind Thought of the Day)

    As I was reading this, Little Girl inside me was stamping her feet and screaming "Chocolate cake! chocolate cake!" But then I remembered how yesterday she was yelling about "Hot dogs and beer!" at the baseball game and how I gave in to her when she poked me in the ribs and insisted, "One more gin and tonic!!" when I'd already had two. (My Little Girl is over 21, by the way!!) So now I am eating an apple instead of the cake, and drinking water – thanks for the reminder!!

    R.M.T.O.D.: Don't ever, ever, let your inner child tell you what to do. You would never allow a child to guide you through life, so don't start listening now! I'm glad to see you've been putting him in his place. I guess I need to put mine in time out and shut the door!

    Congratulations for staying the course through the past two and a half weeks! The first week is usually easy because you are psyched and everything is new. The second week is cool because you are starting to see some results, but after that, it can be a little tougher to stay on track. I'm glad to see that you are sticking with this, and I admire your resolve.

    Four or five pounds lost is fantastic!! For what you've been doing – cutting calories, portioning, and eating healthier foods, losing a pound or two a week is very good progress. The way you have chosen to do this is the BEST way because it is how most people find life-lasting results both in terms of weight loss and in forging new healthy habits. Five pounds of PERMANENT loss in only two weeks is excellent!! But pounds lost is not the only reason to celebrate, as you know. Feeling better overall, as you said, is a victory, and it's great that you recognize the other benefits of your healthier road.

    You're right – the only things you can control are your actions today, and it's great that you are so dedicated to seeing this through. In a few short months, you will look back and be amazed and impressed with all of your hard work and sacrifice, and SO GLAD that you stuck to your daily plan. Plus, you'll enjoy many other benefits of improved overall health as the days and weeks fly by. For me, I remember the day – I was at a cross country meet, about six or eight weeks after I had begun my plan late last summer, and I placed my hand on my hip and I felt – my waist!! But it did take awhile… and daily dedication to my goals.

    Thanks for sharing your progress and reminding the rest of us to choose health, too.

    Keep up the good work, John!! But stop eating stuff that tastes like dirt - Little Boy is right about that one!