August 24, 2013

3:28 AM

I sleep a peace tonight
In the filling up
Maximum capacity
Of my satiated soul
All good things come
After 3 A.M.
Chords resolve
My name appears in songs
And credits roll on another 
Spin around the earth. 
I took care of my body today
And found a medium sized comfort
In what I took in, and enjoyed
And I worked my legs until they ached
My lungs til they ached
My fingers until they ached
My eyes til they ached
In the soreness 
I've come to enjoy
Is the satisfaction
That I took advantage of
Every minute today
The room is tidy
Laundry is done
Money in the bank
Clients satisfied
Surrounded by a peace
I scaled mountains to find
And bring home. 
See you, Tomorrow. 

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