October 21, 2010


Me, in May of 2009.  Who knows how much I weighed.

The "X" I'm making in this photo is so appropriate.  I reject this.
Look at my neck.  Or lackthereof.  Look at my HANDS.
Where did my chin go? I used to have one!
My eyes almost seem to say "Get me out of here!"

Me, today:

25% there.  And hey, there's my chin.  I knew it disappeared somewhere.  Glad I found it.
Who knew it would be so easy at times?
Long way to go, but these photos will motivate me.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. "I reject this"... haha that made me laugh. Keep up the good work, John! Lookin' good!

  2. There's your proof! One of the hardest things about your journey is that the proof can only come AFTER the work has begun, so it's taken a lot of faith up to this point, and you've held on strong!

    I'm glad you didn't choose gastric bypass because healthy living really is a lifestyle choice and surgery doesn't teach us how to make those day-to-day decisions. You'll be better for this in the the long run, even though it might take longer. But May is well on it's way for you!! :)

    It's good to see you making such excellent progress and becoming even more motivated by your success - I keep hearing that train whistle blowing - don't ever let it stop! I second what Karly said - keep it up - you're looking great!!

  3. There you are JM the proof to your truth !!! Your eyes show clarity and determination, and your courage gives us all hope. I am so proud of you!!! Love you, Mom !!!

  4. Sexy!... but then again you have always been sexy in my eyes. Congrats on your success... you look incredible and more important, you sound happy. Miss you!