June 2, 2010

My Metropolitan

See the post before this to get the original quote I use in my post.  This is from a train ride I took en route to Stonehenge back in 2004:

Crewe=>Bristol=>Bath Spa

Green green and more green -
While the person in front of you sleeps
Grandfather hills
Giving birth to the Appalachia I know
Little white crumbs dot the green-side
Where lay the "bare, ruin'd choirs,
Where late the sweet birds sang"
God is here
God is the Mountain
He looks upon this region from above
As we the Children, the minions, the doers,
It is not sunny today, nor is it bright
And the train feels like a funeral home

But how blessed are people to live here
My Metropolitan bleeds out of me
And I think that is why
The English Countryside is so striking
God is here

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  1. so i suppose these all become songs? :)