May 18, 2010

the Invisible Connect Reuniting a Visible Disconnect

when I Feel for You
does the Universe Ripple out?
does the Feeling Hit You
in a Soft, Unsuspecting Wave?

do You Notice the Rush
or does it Stay in my Pond?
Filled with Mosquitoes
and Brazenly Sincere

when I Feel for You
do Lights Flicker in Your Office?
do You Suddenly Bounce Your Leg
with Excitement?

I am always 80%
I am often
Thoughtfully Incompl....

I Send out Feelers
Feelers Filled with Feelings
Hoping an Invisible Connect
Reunites a Visible Disconnect

when I Feel for You
is it Justified?
is it Realistic?
is it Rare?

do You Soak the Feel in,
Store it Away
with All the Other
Subtle Waves
Invading Your Pond

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