June 22, 2011

When I Fail to Connect to the Muse

Optimistic Man
In the Throws of your Anxiety
Remember that you are so much more
Than you remember

Heroic Woman
You continue to be so keen
You have unclogged your outlet
It is pure; it is streaming

Altruistic Homeland
You are always in my sights
How badly I would root and bear fruit
To fill up your parks and streets

Beloved Lovely
In my most self-absorbed trials
You place a hand on my cheek
And let the Warrior stand down

Elusive Muse
In your greatest glimpses
You can show me only potential
Whilst I choke words out of me

O, Enigmatic Universe
I toil, and toil, and toil
To taste Your Successes
While you chip, chip, chip at my Will.

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