February 7, 2011

The Mirror

The greatest thing you could ever be
Is a mirror to others.

I throw words around
Like Co-Pilot
Best Friend
Number One
And everything really tries to say
The theme of
The assembled pieces
And not just the parts
So you understand not just where my love for you ends
But where it starts

I believe that words weigh very much
Twenty-six-point-two pounds each
So words are not lobbed around in a wasteful way
The way children toss water balloons
They are placed in front of you
Their cedar chests opened, creaking
And they glow
Like Marcellus Wallace's soul in "Pulp Fiction"
Each one has it's own handle
So you might bend over, and inspect
And raise to the light...
"Best Friend"
"Number One"
Each Glint and Glimmer
You study and simmer

Take my all
Even the bit of paper
I see under my desk
But never have the presence of mind
To pick up
But also the big stuff
The spirit, the mind
The Kindness
I lay each of these
In cedar chests
At your feet.
The universality of your accedence
Overwhelms me

The light from the words
(The Glimmering...)
Hits your porcelain cheek
At six-hundred seventy million,
six-hundred sixteen thousand,
six hundred twenty-nine
miles per hour
Crossing space-time
And time-space
And gets absorbed
And becomes a part of you
Embraced and accepted
The Glimmering absorbed
And refracted

You bend light back at me
At others
And we see the Forms
The More Perfect Selves
That you see
The Mirror

1 comment:

  1. So beautifully said, and so true...so true! How thankful I have been for those who have been my mirrors, how momentous when we realize our own powers of reflection for others.

    I love the images you've used to convey the weight and light of words. Very powerful! Their message makes me even more aware of how I need to choose mine much more carefully... :)