November 8, 2010

Here she is...

So this is the object I've been working on in part for 4 years.  The thing I labored over, sought collaboration for, worked in an office for, and never dreamed was possible, until the moment I held it in my hands.

It's entirely my property, intellectually and physically, and does not belong in any way to any other person, company, or entity.  I've spent about $5,000 of my own money on the project, in addition to the countless dollars donated by friends, family, and fans.

More than that, though, it is something I am enormously proud of.  It sounds great.  It looks great.  It tells all the stories I want it to, and I do not shudder at a single moment when listening.  I didn't cut corners, I didn't undersell a thing.  It was done to the max, with the best people I could get and trust.

I took a risk (though not if you ask me) by asking Caleb, a rookie at producing other people's work, to produce my album.  He was absolutely incredible.  His mark is all over this record, and he deserves mountains and mountains of credit for all the hard work put in.

Lizanne and Glenn at MorningStar also deserve so much praise for not only being talented, but agreeing to work with me and make this happen.  They are special, special people.

This Friday, I release this album for the world to hear.  Some people have bought the album at shows this week, and the feedback has been nothing short of glowing.  I hope the rest of the world who has yet to hear it all thinks the same. 

Friday, Nov. 12th
CD Release Party
154 Ludlow Street (Lower East Side)
New York, NY
Free Admission

Special Guests: Ryan Vaughn, Pat Firth, Greg Mayo, Brian Killeen, Kate Branagh, Chris Ayer, Karly Jurgensen, Amy Silverman, Andy Mac, Dan Testa, Brandon Warren, Jennie Muoio, Lissa Farquar, and more...

That's lots of talented people, all there to entertain you all, and try and show you what this record is about. 

This marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  It marks me realizing a dream, and pushing harder than ever to make the dream persist.  I want to play music and sing, and write, forever.  To never stop.  And the next year will bring me to all the little towns, the big cities, and the incredible places in this country, and world.  I will take further pride in singing for my supper, more than ever possible.

So, I hope you all enjoy my new album, "Ophelia."  You can order it by visiting:

I will ship it to where you are, no matter where, for free!

Until well.

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  1. OMG John I love the cd! I wish I could make the release party,I was thinking about riding with your mom but I have to work. I just wanted to let you know the cd is awesome! My favorite song is "So We Sing"....Great work! God Bless and Congrats!
    Your Cousin Mance